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Patients, Healthcare Providers, Vaccine Sites, Administrators and Health Agencies

Connecting Patients with Vaccination Sites and Healthcare Providers on One Digital Platform.

A time-saving, hassle-free way to book appointments and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

By bringing everything together on one platform, Universal provides a seamless digital experience.™

Accelerated vaccination management at scale.

The™ on-line platform is available anytime, anywhere.

A comprehensive vaccine administration system with secure on-line access, allows data-driven decisions based on vaccine availability, risk factors, inventory levels and available vaccine sites to meet public health needs.

Patients can access the™ Platform from any device

Mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

The™ platform provides a modern, proprietary, event driven system with configurable modules for registration, on-line electronic consent, appointment scheduling, workflow management, communication events, and reporting and is enhanced with an additional inventory microservice. Through established information adaptors,™ can integrate with State Immunization Registries, using the HL7 prescribed format.

Safe and secure.

Built for any Patient and Healthcare Provider.

The™ platform complies with all HIPAA requirements, and has undergone a full security certification. The platform runs on a scalable Google Cloud Private Cluster with high data security. The multi-zonal set up allows for full redundancy across multiple regions, and the platform is subject to a rigorous and periodic security protocol signed off by independent auditors. The storage is regional-based and ensures full data encryption, even in transit.

The platform allows for any qualifying healthcare provider or contracted vaccination site to register on the platform within an area specified by a client or a State.

Scheduling and Agile Inventory Management.

In order to meet public health needs of vaccine availability, the™  inventory management system greatly assists healthcare providers and vaccine sites to monitor delivery fulfilment and ensure that vaccination duplication is avoided.

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The process begins with initial registration that will be offered online and completed prior to arrival, so the patient data can be securely entered into the platform. Patients will receive instructions to carry a photo ID, wear a face mask, use hand sanitizer and socially distance after entry in a static field clinic. The system will even allow such registrations by mobile phone from a vehicle by scanning the QR code from large instructional signs posted at each entrance to the static or mobile field clinic, or any other healthcare provider’s facility.

First and second dose scheduling will be automated with the patient’s consent.

Supply-chain complexity of ultra-low cold chain requirements, chain of custody documentation, material handling quality control, potentially rationed upstream logistics (e.g. availability), and highly variable last mile order quantities, is also catered for.


Planning, Prioritization and Scheduling.

Planning and prioritization includes at-risk population demographics, population density, access to potential vaccination sites and solutions for mobile delivery, and managing vaccination sites within the distribution chain.™ is scalable and able to service multiple providers and multiple sites concurrently throughout the service area. These capabilities are also adaptable based on the changing requirements of vaccine availability, volume, guidelines, and scheduling needs.

How it Benefits Everyone:


Patients can register on-line from anywhere and on any connected device to book an appointment at a location nearest to them to receive the vaccine. The closest location will be provided using geomapping technology. In accordance with prevailing policy, preference will be given to front line health workers, the aged and patients with co-morbidities.™ will send out timely and repeated reminders and notifications to patients for the first and again the second dose.

Healthcare Providers and Appointed Vaccination Sites

Easy-to-use digital platform to enables any participating healthcare provider and patients eligible to receive the vaccine to easily connect using cloud-based technology. Bookings are made on-line prior to patients arriving at a vaccination site, but can also be made using the same technology platform for patients who arrive on a “walk-in” basis to register at the vaccination site in their car in the case of a drive through facility.™ provides a comprehensive turn-key solution for the scheduling and administration of mass vaccination campaigns, including inventory management.

Government and Public Health Organizations

The “always-on” digital platform provided by™ provides a “single source of truth” for rapid deployment and is an ideal solution to track the progress of patients receiving vaccination, ensuring that a system of triage is implemented to immunize those at highest risk first; monitor adverse events; and ensure that data is up to date through real time integration with State Immunization Registries, the Centers for Disease Control, as well as access the inventory modules of each vaccination site registered.

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